An innovative leap towards healthy play
Basisschool Eerschot proudly claims the global
spotlight with the launch of Fruitoys, a revolutionary toy line aimed at promoting
healthy eating habits and active lifestyles among children. Initiated by Ben Bekkers
and Geert van der Heijden, Fruitoys is a patented toy line crafted from 100%
recyclable plastic.

The mission of Bekkers and Van der Heijden is clear: to encourage children to adopt
healthier eating habits and engage in more physical activity in a playful and
educational manner. Fruitoys embodies this vision and is designed to inspire children
to lead an active lifestyle through innovative and educational toys.

The flagship product of Fruitoys is the ‘Wingie,’ a unique toy generously sponsored
by an anonymous supporter and distributed to all 240 children at Basis school
Eerschot. This aligns perfectly with their mission to become an even healthier school.
The Wingie symbolizes a flying start to fun, health, and environmental awareness,
illustrating how play and learning can go hand in hand.

Ben Bekkers and Geert van der Heijden express their excitement about the
collaboration with Basis school Eerschot, where children have become the world’s first
to experience the Fruitoys adventure. Each child received one along with an
explanation of the concept and mission. This milestone marks a significant step in the
quest to promote a healthier future for children worldwide.

The Fruitoys team looks forward to continuing the positive impact of this initiative
and spreading it to schools, businesses, and communities worldwide.

For more information on purchasing or sponsoring Fruitoys, please contact:
Visit the website:
Or contact Ben Bekkers by phone at 0620014576

About Fruitoys: Fruitoys is an innovative toy line founded by Ben Bekkers and Geert
van der Heijden, with the goal of encouraging children to eat healthier and engage in
more physical activity in a fun and educational way. Made from 100% recyclable
plastic, Fruitoys offers a fresh approach to play and learning for a healthier
generation. is a collaboration between Moorside and Vindkracht13, both based in
Meierijstad, the Netherlands.